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Oriental Stories: Five Novelettes by Robert E. Howard

Although best remembered for laying the foundation of the sword-and-sorcery genre with the creation of Conan the Barbarian, Robert E. Howard had all but abandoned writing fantasy stories at the time of his death in 1936. Howard began transitioning away from the dark fantasy that been his bread-and-butter as early as 1931, turning instead toward straight action/adventure stories, as well historical fictions, like the five short novels collected in this book.

In Oriental Stories: Five Novelettes by the Creator of Conan, Howard fictionalizes turning points in the lives of great Middle Eastern and Far Eastern conqerors as their armies clash with the warlords and crusader knights of Europe. Perhaps nowhere else in his writings does Howard spend as much time on giving depth to his characters as he does in this book. Some of his finest descriptions of battle are also found in these pages.

Lovers of Robert E. Howard's short stories and lovers of historical fiction will enjoy this exciting collection of classic tales from the golden age of pulp fiction. It is the latest in NUELOW Games' Robert E. Howard Collection, a series of low-priced ebooks devoted to shining the spotlight his lesser-known writings.

Oriental Stories: Five Novelettes is available at DriveThruFiction.com.

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