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No Quarter: A Roake Heist

When the Fat Man saw Roake’s face, he tried to run. The Fat Man didn’t make it.

Roake is no hero. He's a bad man in a bad world. A world of sorcerers, crowded cities, corrupt nobles, eldritch assassins and big payoffs. Someone hired Roake for a simple break in, but the job went sour, and now, Roake is looking for revenge. More than revenge. Roake wants the payoff he was promised. And if anyone gets in his way, they'll find out what "no quarter" really means.

A combination of dark fantasy and noir adventure, No Quarter is the first volume in the Roake Heist series written by the award-winning author of Houses of the Blooded, Legend of the Five Rings and The Aegis Project.

No Quarter: A Roake Heist is available now at DriveThruFiction.com!

07.02.2012. 09:02