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Degenesis RPG Available Now!

Degenesis is the story of mankind’s struggle in the wake of Earth’s greatest catastrophe: a rain of massive asteroids. Europe and Africa have been cut off from the other continents and battle against each other for control of the known world. In Europe, the people are finally emerging from a dark age that spanned half a millennium, whereas Africa has become complacent and corrupt after centuries of wealth and splendor.

From the ashes of the Eschaton, seven new cultures arose. They span from the frozen northern regions of Europe across the Mediterranean and down into Africa. They are mere children compared to their ancestors and yet they rule over the known world.

These survivors have formed new organizations and factions, all with their own history and goals. There are now thirteen cults which vie for dominance in the ravaged lands of Europe and Africa.

Five hundred years later, the world is a very different place and a new threat to mankind has emerged. The great ice age is ending but the land is covered with a foul decay that twists the people and animals into bloodthirsty monsters.

Degenesis utilizes a new, exclusive d10-based rules system called CatharSys and is gorgeously illustrated by Marko Djurdjevic.

Degenesis is available at RPGNow!

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