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A Translation of Evil

A Translation of Evil is a short adventure for the Macabre Tales roleplaying game. What if it were possible for a book to actually be evil? What if the written words themselves had the ability to inflict harm upon the reader? If so, how do you fight something that is, in essence, only an idea on a page? Will the protagonist succeed in translating this vile tome or will his fate be far more sinister?

Macabre Tales is the dominoes-based RPG of Lovecraftian horror that strips out the "contributions" of later authors and focuses solely on what Lovecraft himself created. Spectrum Games, known for accurate emulation of various genres in their products, offers a brand new take on role-playing in the terrifying and abhorrent world of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Will you emerge from the experience unscathed? Or will your mind snap in the wake of all the hidden abominations that lurk in the shadows, just out of sight of humankind?

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08.05.2012. 07:52