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2012 GM's Day Sale at RPGNow!

From now until March 7th, you can get 25% off of thousands of titles from over 200 publishers at RPGNow.com!

The GM regularly stabs, mangles, perforates, burns, and otherwise damages your precious character. They delight in torturing your PC’s emotions, thwarting their every plan, denying every desire.

And you love your GM for just these things and more!

Save 25% on games from Cubicle 7, Mongoose, Pelgrane Press, Pinnacle, White Wolf, Green Ronin, Chaosium, Wildfire, Malhavoc, Open Design, Malhavoc Press, Margaret Weis Productions, Goodman Games, AEG, Super Genius and many, many more!

Visit the GM's Day Sale page at RPGNow today!

01.03.2012. 13:37