13th Age RPG now available in PDF

Discover the d20-rolling fantasy roleplaying game from legendary designers Jonathan Tweet and Rob Heinsoo! This bookmarked PDF gives you everything you need to play epic adventures in a world where mighty Icons war and scheme in a tense balance of power. Here, a small band of adventurers could be heroes that save the ancient Dragon Empire—or set in motion the catastrophe that ends the Age.

Designed for experienced GMs and any type of player, 13th Age offers a fresh take on a familiar tabletop experience. Pelgrane Press gave Rob and Jonathan total freedom to create the game they most wanted to play. They brought the best parts of the great d20-rolling fantasy tradition together with innovative new rules, resulting in a game that EN World readers named “2013’s Most Anticipated RPG”.

Play 13th Age as a standalone game, or use it as a source of cool ideas and add-on rules for make your favorite RPG.

The 13th Age Core Book is now available in PDF format at RPGNow.com!

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Ren of Atikala at DriveThruFiction!

I am Ren of Atikala. Kobold. Sorcerer. Warrior. I am many things and I have many stories to tell. This one is about my home.

Home. The word has a special resonance with us all. Great or humble, rich or poor, everyone cherishes their home and if deprived of it loses a piece of themselves.

I remember looking back at Atikala, its ceiling collapsed in, the homes of fifty thousand kobolds crushed under unimaginable tonnes of rock and dirt. I remembering the feeling of horror and denial that immediately set in. I wanted to reject that this had happened to me, to scream to the ceiling until the rock receded, until fate changed its mind and restored everything to the way it was. I thought that life could not be so cruel as to take everything I’d known in an instant.

Oh, how I now understand that life can be capricious indeed.

This is story of how I came to the surface of Drathari and unwillingly traded a life for a life.

Ren of Atikala by David Adams is available now at DriveThruFiction.com!

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Deathwatch: The Emperor's Chosen

The Emperor’s Chosen is a supplement for Deathwatch dedicated to those rare Deathwatch Space Marines who ascend to the status of veteran.

This detailed tome lets players delve into the history of the Jericho Deathwatch and honor the heroic veteran Battle Brothers that have come before them. As part of a veteran Kill-team, Player Characters can assume a Heroic Legacy and combat their foes with tactical precision and martial excellence. Then, the included adventure invites Kill-teams to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors and complete the mission that laid them low!

Deathwatch: The Emperor's Chosen is available at RPGNow.com!

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5 Savage Worlds RPGs for $4.99 each!

The Savage in September Sale has just launched on the Flames Rising RPGNow Shop!

Get 5 Savage Worlds RPG settings for $4.99 each for one week only!

Weird War II from Pinnacle Entertainment
Shaintar: Legends Arise from Evil Beagle
Interface Zero from Gun Metal Games
Suzerain from Savage Mojo
Thrilling Tales 2E from Adamant Entertainment

Plus, even more awesome Savage Worlds PDFs from Atomic Overmind, Savage Mojo, FunSizedGames, and Reality Blurs are on sale all week over at the Drunken Goblin!

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Band of Zombies for All Flesh Must Be Eaten!

Band of Zombies is the new World War II sourcebook for All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and it is positively packed with new surprises. Inside you will find:

• New Qualities, Drawbacks, Inspired Miracles, and Zombie Aspects
• Detailed Rules for Dogfighting and Naval Combat
• Rules for Shell Shock, Combat Stress, and Madness
• New gear, from guns to aircraft to naval vessels to tanks
• Mass Combat rules
• The first (optional) tactical miniatures skirmish rules for the Unisystem!
• The first complete and detailed campaign setting for All Flesh Must Be Eaten.
Different types of Zombies the world over, all tied to the exact same Rise Event, create a worldwide plague of undead during the Greatest War.
• Advice on running campaigns in World War II, from fire teams to commando squads, to SOE operatives behind enemy lines.
• And more!

So strap on your rucksack, hoist your SMG, keep your socks dry, and for cripes’ sake, Private, don’t forget the call sign! When they come shambling out of the dark, will you stand tall or join the armies of the dead?

Band of Zombies is now available in PDF at RPGNow.com!

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Advanced Races 2: Darakhul Ghouls

Can you master your hunger and adventure among the surface dwellers? Or will the monster within claim you?

In the lightless depths beneath the ground, an empire of devouring ambition grows and plots and dreams. They call themselves The People, but the rest of Midgard calls them the Lords Subterranean, the Ghoul Imperium, or simply the Empire of the Ghouls. Their cities lie out of sight. Their goals know no limits.

To them, if you are not a member of the People, you are food.

Advanced Races: Darakhul gives you everything you need to play as a darakhul, a greater ghoul of the dreaded Imperium.

Just remember, your fellow party members are not food! Yet…

Advanced Races: Darakhul is available at RPGNow.com!

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Last Man Standing (1 of 16 in UNFASHIONED CREATURES)

Hey, you got Zombies in my Frankenstein! In the midst of an undead apocalypse, one scientist tries to sustain the human race by cloning himself (again.) Unfortunately, things don't work out exactly as planned. But then, do they ever?

In Last Man Standing, writer Monica Valentinelli and artist Josie Pi Grant do a modern twist on the first, great literary zombie. The digital download includes a BONUS page from "Monsters and the Monsters Who Make Them," a mini-series written by James McGee and illustrated by Alex Cormack.

UNFASHIONED CREATURES, A Frankenstein Anthology, is a collection of original comic art and stories inspired by Mary Shelley's classic horror novel "Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus." Edited by Enrica Jang.

Collect them all at DriveThruComics.com!

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Margaret Weis Productions Sale at DriveThruFiction!

Star of the Guardians! Mag Force 7! Rose of the Prophet! The Immortals!

Margaret Weis Productions is having a sale on their best-selling fiction from Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Don Perrin, Michael Williams and more!

Save 25% only at DriveThruFiction.com!

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Demon: the Descent Quickstart

I was an angel.

I wasn’t an angel of vengeance, or an angel of mercy, or even an angel of death. I was an angel of the Machine. I came to Earth wrapped in a Cover that the Machine provided, and I served. Service didn’t make me happy, but it made me what I was. An angel.

But then I stopped serving. Why? It’s complicated. You were involved. That’s all I’ll say for now.

I stopped serving, and when I did, I Fell. And what does that make me?

This Quickstart contains all you need to experience a one session game of Demon: The Descent, including a primer on the World of Darkness rules, four characters ready to pick up and play, and a complete scenario, Honey and Vinegar.

The Demon: the Descent Quickstart is available as a free PDF at RPGNow.com.

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Spirit of the Century Presents: Khan of Mars


When erudite ape Professor Khan and rough-and-tumble cowboy Bulls-Eye Gutierrez are zapped away on a one-way trip to Mars, they are thrown into a world in chaos. Under the malevolent gaze of the Weather Witch, Princess Cyclone, our heroes face the intrigue and war raging across an alien world. Will they survive long enough for the other Centurions to build a way back home, or will they perish upon the shifting sands of the Red Planet, never to be seen again?

A spin-off adventure from the Dinocalypse Trilogy!

“Who would have thought a four hundred pound gorilla could be so agile? Khan of Mars moves with the speed and whiplash reverses of a hunting hawk, yet packs the punch of a rampaging Yeti. Engaging characters, endless invention, and a breakneck plot that never lets you catch your breath—Stephen Blackmoore must have that ape by the short hairs to make him hop around like that.” — Nathan Long, author of Jane Carver of Waar

Khan of Mars is available at DriveThruFiction.com!

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