The Genius Guide to Gruesome Giants

The Genius Guide to Gruesome Giants presents new templates, feats, and alternative class feature options to add to any giant. All of these gruesome templates are designed to play into a specific fearsome idea and provide an extra dose of horror for encounters with giants, such as a massive foes wrapped in rotting limbs, or insane walking vivisections sharing glimpses of alien worlds.

Create creatures that have more wrong with them than “just” being bigger-than-normal humanoids, gruesome giants have uncanny appearances, smells, and sounds that make them more frightening even to veteran character.

The Genius Guide to Gruesome Giants is available in PDF at RPGNow.com!

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Help Steve Creech, author and game designer

Steven Creech is a talented individual. He is an award-winning author and publisher in the hobby games industry. Since 2001, he has written, edited, or contributed to over 25 books for publishers such as Bastion Press, Darkquest Games and Green Ronin.

He is a behavior clinician for the nation’s largest MRO biller and helps families and children who struggle with emotional and mental challenges in life. Steve is a wonderful, caring husband and father to two teenage children who live at home with Steve and his wife. He is constantly putting the needs of others before his own. He is a compassionate and very caring individual who was blindsided by this traumatic brain injury and is desperately trying to regain his health.

Find out more about Steve's medical condition and the fundraiser at IndieGoGo.com.

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Cthulhu's Dark Cults from Chaosium

Ten Tales of Dark & Secretive Orders

Lovecraft envisioned a world in which humanity is ignorant of cosmic realities. When the bleak truth is revealed, it terrifies us, for it offers no hope of our salvation. Cultists are the gatekeepers to this knowledge. Their aim is to keep secret the existence of their gods by any means possible, and to free their gods from their slumbering prisons — thus bringing about humanity’s final downfall.

Cthulhu’s Dark Cults provides keyhole-glimpses into these secret orders, all irredeemable and hell-bent for humanity’s demise.

Cthulhu's Dark Cults is available now in PDF and Softcover at DriveThruFiction.com!

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Rites of the Blood for Vampire

In the deepest crimson depths of their being, raw power waits to be brought to the surface. Through their force of will, Kindred can drag this power kicking and screaming into the open to perform miraculous feats and twisted blasphemies. These rituals have been developed to direct and focus this new force, unconstrained by the structure of the known Disciplines. As such, only one word has been seen fit to describe this power that has echoed throughout the ages. Magic.

Rites of the Blood is a collection of rituals practiced among the various Kindred sects and Clans. This isn’t just a collection of powers, but an examination of the sects themselves and how they use their eldritch mystical arts: the Thaumaturgy of the Camarilla Tremere, the bloody rites and patchwork sorcery of the Sabbat, the creepy and alien practices of the Tal’Mahe’Ra, “street” rituals from the Anarch contingent, the sorceries of the Assamites and Setites, the necromancy of the Giovanni, and even some of the mysterious ways of the Inconnu.

Rites of the Blood is available in PDF at RPGNow.com!

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Weregeek, arrives at DriveThruComics!

Weregeek, the hilarious webcomic by Alina Pete, is now available in collected editions at DriveThruComics.com!

Mark always considered himself just a typical, ordinary guy. He had a marketing job that he hated, a girlfriend who couldn’t understand him and no real social life. He was just an average joe… that is, until the call of the full moon turned him into a dark, dreadful creature of the night known as – a Weregeek! Now the full moon brings out his dorkier side! ARRROOOOOO!!!

Weregeek tells the story of Mark and his geeky comrades-in-arms as they explore the wide and wonderful world of Geekdom.

Get Weregeek collected editions today at DriveThruComics.com!

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Cthulhu Dark Ages, BRP Adventures, 1920s Investigator's Companion & more Now in Print!

Over 30 Call of Cthulhu and BRP titles are now available in Print at RPGNow.com!

Just a few of the titles currently available in print:

Cthulhu Dark Ages, BRP Adventures, 1920s Investigator's Companion, Big Book of Cults, Dead Light, BRP Witchcraft, Halloween Horror, and more!

Even more print titles are on the way next week!

Explore all of the now in print Call of Cthulhu and BRP titles from Chaosium today at RPGNow.com!

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Dark Deeds in Freeport (Pathfinder RPG)

In a City of Secrets, the Truth Cuts Deep

Why has truth suddenly become so strangely frequent in Freeport? Can the city support not one but two churches dedicated to truth-speaking?

How are the secrets of thieves, assassins, Captains’ Council members, and “legitimate businessmen” becoming common knowledge, and what can be done about it? Should anything be done? And maybe, just maybe, is this strangeness linked to the rash of thefts, murders, and insanity plaguing the city?

Dark Deeds in Freeport is an 80-page adventure arc of five connected scenarios designed for four Pathfinder RPG characters beginning at 9th level and ending at 12th. These linked adventures feature:

- swashbuckling, sin, investigation, and insanity familiar to fans of Green Ronin’s popular Freeport, City of Adventure setting
- new spells, new magic items (from minor to near-artifact level), new monsters, and new fully-statted Freeport NPCs

Dark Deeds is fully-integrated into the history and ongoing storylines of the Freeport setting, and it can be used individually or in a level-spanning mini-campaign.

Something is horribly wrong in Freeport. Something that will surely require dark deeds to set right!

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Blood Nativity for Vampire: the Masquerade

An Introductory Story for Vampire: The Masquerade

Created for the first edition of Vampire: The Masquerade, Blood Nativity is designed to be a troupe's first story.

The players begin as normal humans, attracted by an enigmatic invitation to a private dinner at the Sunset Club. By dinner's end, they find themselves following an inexorable trail into shadowy undeath — life as vampires themselves.

Now they must survive their dangerous first night as Neonates. Will they fall victim to the mad, insatiable Hunger within, or will they be destroyed by the light of day, which they must now curse?

Originally published in 1991, Blood Nativity is now available in PDF at RPGNow.com!

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Songs of the Sun and Moon: the Changing Breeds Anthology

Songs of the Sun

Each dawn reveals new wonders to Gaia’s shapeshifting children. Each time Helios rises above the horizon, they face a new day of uncovering secrets, unveiling duplicity, and standing strong for the good of Gaia and those she claims as Her own.

Songs of the Moon

Each dusk brings new dangers well. The Changing Breeds do not have the strength of numbers of the Garou Nation, and often must contend with the werewolves and their kin just as much as with Gaia’s enemies, in order to perform their sacred duties. They must rely upon each other, on their wits and Gaia’s sacred Gifts, if they are to have any hope of completing the tasks She sets before them.

Songs of Sun and Moon: Tales of the Changing Breeds is an anthology of seven short stories of cunning, intrigue, and guile in celebration of 20 years of Gaia’s oft-forgotten Fera children.

Songs of Sun and Moon: Tales of the Changing Breeds is available now in eBook and Print formats at RPGNow.com!

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