Disease of an Evil Conscience

Contagion. Plague. Survival.

Out in the Scavenger Lands life is difficult, and compassion can seem like a dangerously unaffordable luxury. But despite the propaganda you might hear in the Realm about the savagery of those beyond the Threshold, most of the folk who call the Confederation of Rivers their home consider themselves good people. But what happens when the imperative to survive challenges one’s moral commitment to one’s fellows? Sacrifices have to be made, but when do the needs of the many justify the losses of a few?

A story in the Storytelling Adventure System for Exalted.

Disease of an Evil Conscience is our latest offering for Exalted in the Storytelling Adventure System. The file contains a number of hyperlinks to various portions of the text as well as bookmarks, so you can always jump right to what you need with just a click.

Disease of an Evil Conscience is available at RPGNow.com.

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Play Testers Network opens to the public!

The Play Testers Network is designed to help developers find quality players willing to offer feedback. This site also helps anyone schedule games and find special events in your area or using the online game tool of your choice.

  1. Have you made a new game? Have modified rules for an existing game?
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  3. The #1 suggestion from publishers is to playtest your game with people you don't know!

    Enter your game in our database and use our search features to help find people with the right skills/background willing to help you test. Playtesters will earn points for running sessions and leaving completed feedback forms which then helps qualify the playtesters.


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    Hard Boiled Armies for D&D 4E

    If you’re a fan of the fantasy novels of Glen Cook, J.R.R. Tolkien, and others—or maybe you just pine for the days of Birthright—you might just have an itch that needs scratching. It’s the itch to take armies onto the field of battle, where swords by the hundreds clash and contend for victory.

    There’s just one problem. Right out of the box, Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition does a lot for combat on the personal scale, but when it comes to the broader field of battle—when things go macro—the tools to handle a clash of thousands just aren’t there.

    Or are they? In Hard Boiled Armies, you’ll find an examination of how to take the existing tools in the game—with just a few additions and changes of perspective—to get right where you need to go for medium- and large-scale military conflicts. And by looking at these existing tools with new eyes, you’ll be able to add large scale battles to your game in a way that feels both fresh and yet completely familiar.

    Hard Boiled Armies is available at RPGNow.com.

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    [Abstract Nova] Tales of the Seven Dogs Society Sale!

    Tales of the Seven Dogs Society is a collection of stories inspired by the Aletheia role-playing game published by Abstract Nova Entertainment. Each of these stories is a possible continuation of the events described in the RPG.

    Tales of the Seven Dogs Society was written by Jim Johnson, Monica Valentinelli and Matt M McElroy. A special limited printing of the book was done by Abstract Nova for GenCon in 2008. We have a small selection of books left over from the convention and this is your chance to scoop them up while they last.

    For more information on Tales of the Seven Dogs Society be sure to check out the sneak preview from Jim Johnson’s Lifting the Gingham Veil posted on Flames Rising. You can also check out Monica Valentinelli’s design notes for her story “Twin Designs” over at MLVWrites.com.

    There is a new Review of the book available at FlamesRising.com

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    Wraith Recon: Enemies Within

    The Kingdom of Dardarrick is not as stable and safe as its leaders would have the people believe.

    Behind closed doors and in dark alleyways, invaders and dissatisfied citizens both plot revolution and destruction, seeking a chance to make their voices heard. Discover the array of enemies Dardarrick faces, from minor cults to nation-spanning criminal and covert organisations that constantly plague the freedom and liberty of the people. Wraith Recon teams are kept on a constant stand by, ready to be deployed anywhere within the kingdom, to battle this menace and maintain order.

    Wraith Recon: Enemies Within is available at RPGNow.com.

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    E-Z DUNGEONS: Deluxe Edition

    The easiest 3D dungeon model set just got easier!

    Fat Dragon Games is proud to present E-Z DUNGEONS: Deluxe Edition, the all new successor to our award winning E-Z Dungeons: Basic Set. This new model set features richly detailed graphics, new items, new layout and attachment techniques, and even more builder-friendly assembly designs. This set utilizes our all new 'E-Z Layout' designs, allowing you to create dungeons on-the-fly during your game quickly and easily. These new subassembly designs allow you to make virtually any dungeon from a handful of basic shapes. New wall and corridor options give you greater design flexibility, and our new attachment techniques make securing your dungeon design a snap. We have included multiple versions of some models for multiple skill levels, such as our pre-printed doors for beginners and more complex opening versions featuring our exclusive 'E-Z Hinge' design for advanced modelers.

    E-Z DUNGEONS: Deluxe Edition is available at RPGNow.com.

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    New Hunter Books Available Now!

    Two New Hunter: the Vigil Books!

    Night Stalkers

    We share similar shadows. But that doesn’t mean we’re the same. They still have to die. A second time. A final time. They die by the flame. That way, both of us see the light, if only for a moment.

    Spirit Slayers

    The night is full of beasts — beasts that walk as men and women, that prey on those who stray from the herd, that hunger for blood and flesh when the moon rises. We will not be the sheep to these wolves. We will hunt the wolves ourselves.

    Look for Hunter: the Vigil at RPGNow.com.

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    Argentum Serial Novel by Monica Valentinelli

    Do you like urban fantasy stories with strong female characters? "Argentum" is the first book in a series about a young woman who has been condemned from the magical community. The Alchemists - mortals who wield magic through scientific methods - have stolen Sophie's memories as part of her exile. In the first book of the Violet War series, Sophie Miller is on a quest to pick up the pieces. Each chapter break acts as a piece of Sophie's memory as she slowly attempts to reclaim what she's lost.

    "Argentum is a book of discovery for both my readers and the main character. The goal of this book is to introduce Sophie and my readers not only to the setting, but also to what the Violet War is all about." said Monica Valentinelli.

    While "Argentum" is Monica's first serial novel, she is an experienced author with several publications under her belt. As a freelance writer for the gaming industry, Monica has written for almost twenty publications including Tales of the Seven Dogs Society from Abstract Nova and the upcoming Buried Tales of Pinebox, TX from 12 to Midnight.

    To find out more information about the Violet War series, visit www.violetwar.com.

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    Player's Handbook 2 at RPGNow

    Heroes of Primal Might and Ancient Power!

    From the bright towns and darkened wilderness they come: mighty heroes intent on exploring dungeons, slaying monsters, and battling evil.

    This companion to the Player's Handbook core rulebook introduces the primal power source, which draws on the spirits that preserve and sustain the world. Player's Handbook 2 includes four classes tied to the primal power source: the barbarian, the druid, the shaman, and the warden. It also presents four new arcane and divine classes: the avenger, the bard, the invoker, and the sorcerer.

    Player's Handbook 2 is available at RPGNow.com.

    Also available from Wizards of the Coast:

    Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress

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    RedBrick Joins Flaming Cobra at Mongoose

    Mongoose Publishing is pleased to announce that we have signed contracts with RedBrick Limited to publish new editions of the Earthdawn, Fading Suns, Blue Planet, Age of Legend 4e, and Equinox game lines under our Flaming Cobra imprint, already famous for such popular games as Dragon Warriors and Spycraft 2.0.

    Under this arrangement, RedBrick Limited retains full creative control of writing, design, editing, and layout. Mongoose Publishing will handle printing, marketing, sales, and distribution.

    The first RedBrick Limited products to be released under the Flaming Cobra imprint will be available in game stores worldwide from July 2009, starting with Earthdawn Third Edition, before moving into the product release schedules for our other game lines.

    More information on RedBrick’s product releases will be published at the start of next month on Mongoose’s web site at www.mongoosepublishing.com and RedBrick's company web site at www.redbrick-limited.com.

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