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Witchblade Redemption Volume 4


Longtime scribe RON MARZ (ARTIFACTS, MAGDALENA) and artistic partner STJEPAN SEJIC (BROKEN TRINITY) conclude their critically acclaimed run on WITCHBLADE. In this volume, Sara Pezzini must defeat the ancient Babylonian goddess-queen Tiamat, who has returned after centuries with an ax to grind with the Witchblade bearer. Also in this volume, the over-sized landmark 150th issue of Witchblade where Internal Affairs closes in on Sara's mystical secret, forcing her to choose between her role as Witchblade bearer and detective.

Witchblade Redemption Volume 4 collects WITCHBLADE #145-#150 and is available now at DriveThruComics.com

02.02.2012. 07:58